Can someone explain the concept of dedicated and shared hosting a bit and what it means for my small business?

ForumCan someone explain the concept of dedicated and shared hosting a bit and what it means for my small business?
sophialan asked 3 years ago

With dedicated hosting, the customer rents an entire server that is not shared with anyone. Shared servers can also work well, but only in isolated cases. Even a server shared with small businesses can cause them problems because they have quite a few problems like low bandwidth and disk space. A shared server for small businesses is not the right way to go, so you need to buy a dedicated server to get the best results. To avoid problems in the future, you need to have a reputable service provider.

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Layritta answered 1 year ago

Shared Hosting allows multiple users/websites/accounts to be hosted on a single web server. Dedicated hosting, in its turn, is a single server solely devoted to one user.
In a nutshell, the difference between a Shared and a Dedicated hosting server is like an apartment in a block of flats and a cottage house. Both are good for living in. Still, there are some advantages and disadvantages of choosing one or the other. Let’s have a deeper look at each of the server type taking into consideration management, performance, resources, security and cost.

A Shared server is a good choice for those website owners who don’t have much technical skills to manage and control everything, but wish to build the online presence. With Shared hosting you have limited administrative access and can’t customize software configuration. Still, you have access to a cPanel, with which you can manage files, databases, email accounts, error logs, and some server analytics. If the server goes down, you can always be sure that the technicians will take care of it in the shortest time possible.

A Dedicated server is a good choice for those who have technical background and can manage/configure the server on their own. Yet, the lack of technical skills should not be an obstacle, since we offer different types of Dedicated server management: User-Responsible, Basic, Complete. You may find more information on each type here Root access, provided with a Dedicated server, is a huge benefit if you need to make some server modifications.